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My debut poetry chapbook, Hearing the Underwater, is forthcoming publication with Finishing Line Press. You can preorder it here.

Individual poetry publications, in chronological order:


“hollow lungs, eyes, kazoos, and fingernails”Manastash Journal of Writing and Art

“Because You Asked About Love, I’ll Tell You”Manastash Journal of Writing and Art

“Forewarning Pantoum”Creative Colloquy

“Defund the Female Phobic”Boston Accent Lit

“slice”Heavy Feather Review


“Ode to the Uterus” –  The Airgonaut

“Conflict, Changing Lanes, and the Hypocritical Silence that Ensues”The Airgonaut

“Within Your White Picket Fence”The Airgonaut

“Sincerely, Your AR 15” – Boston Accent Lit

“The Evolution of Enormity” – decomP magazinE

“To Late Night Apprehensions” – decomP magazinE

“Hexes, Curses, and Other Naughty Things I’ll Do To You”  Luna Luna Magazine

“An Exhalation of Dead Things”  Anti-Heroin Chic

“Lunar”  Anti-Heroin Chic

“Your Honeycomb / My Inner Cheek”   FIVE:2:ONE #thesideshow

“liminal edgings” – TERSE Journal

“gestat(i)ng”  YES Poetry

“Loving Her” – Francis House

“And I’ll Tell You How It Feels”  Pidgeonholes

“The Slow Down”  Pidgeonholes

“An Ode to My Heart” Dirty Paws Poetry Review

“Ethereal Junctures” – Rag Queen Periodical

“my archaeology”Rag Queen Periodical

“little joys” – Rag Queen Periodical

“we are a house fire” – Rose Quartz Journal

“my body is a house” – Rose Quartz Journal

“Mother / Child” – The Sonnetarium

“bath time” – The Occulum

“A Wrinkle in Grief” – Okay Donkey

“Field Notes on Becoming Yourself” – Thin Air

“bred”– Thin Air

“molding the pulse” – Thin Air

“A Property of Coexisting Bones” – formercactus 

“unadorned” Hobart

“at night, she takes out the trash” – Hobart

“The Anatomy of My Memories” –  Crab Creek Review 

“Positive” – The Stray Branch

“extinguish me with unleaded” – 8 Poems Journal 

“we, in the rear view mirror” –  Crab Fat Magazine

“yielding your ripe fruit” – You Are Not Your Rape Anthology

“To All the Boys Who Made Me Smaller” You Are Not Your Rape Anthology


“mechanical horti(cult)ure” – Glass Poetry Journal

“Pewter and Pebble” – Rhythm & Bones Lit 

“uncover my hollow” – Rhythm & Bones Lit 

“I can conjure my own flowers” – Pithead Chapel

“ordain / climax” – Lammergeier Mag

“collectibles / commotion” – Empty Mirror

“decay / detain” – Empty Mirror

“misfiring” – Empty Mirror

“Nocturnal Monster’s Self-Care Routine” – Rhythm & Bones Lit 

“little hurts” – Rhythm & Bones Lit

“dismantle my oddities” – The Indianapolis Review

“guesswork” – J Arts Boston

“sculpt me, I’m yours” – J Arts Boston

“break me / mend me”Drunk Monkeys

“I fill my own vials” – Oddville Press 

“check my vital signs” – Oddville Press

“bury us alive” – Paper Darts

“this is the beneath” –  MOSS

 Savannah Slone Interviews Olivia Gatwood – forthcoming publication in Split Lip Magazine

“the etymology of surrendering” – forthcoming publication in The Hellebore

“Ode to the Era of My Gilmore Girls Obsession” – forthcoming publication in FIVE:2:ONE 2019 Print Catalog

“To Late Night Apprehensions” – The Sixty Four Best Poets of 2018 (The Halcyone)

“The Evolution of Enormity” – The Sixty Four Best Poets of 2018 (The Halcyone)